Building a Dead-or-Alive Guessing Game

Pairing basic math with fun illustrations to pass the time at the bar


OldDead app screenshots
OldDead app screenshots


OldDead is a stupid game where you (and hopefully some of your friends) guess how old or dead people are. It's designed to be simple, easy to play with friends, and ever so slightly morbid.

The Idea

You know those games you play with friends at bars that don't have a ton of rules but are fun ways to pass the time?

One of Mike's games was to think of someone famous, and we'd guess how old that person was. If that person was dead, we had to guess how old they were when they died.

That was it. Winner got nothing but a bigger ego.

Building OldDead

Mike and I have always wanted to make a mobile app, so we gave ourselves a deadline, then built the app over the course of a few weekends with help from Jimmy.

Making this app was a great exercise for me to learn more about React Native and Expo.

OldDead Illustrations
Some Sketchy Famous People - Illustrated by Mike Berg