Projects don't need to make money to be valuable

Why can't some things just be for fun?


I'm in the camp that working on something doesn't need to have an end goal of making money. Hell, some things don't even need an end goal of doing anything.

It could provide a learning opportunity, scratch a boredum itch, help a friend or family member, or impress your dog.

Making a Not-Shitload of Money

Some projects could make money, and you might even be able to live off others - that's great!

But, do you need to make a million dollars on it? Do you need that seed round so you can 10x your way to owning 10 Teslas? Personally, I just get worn out by this mentality.

Enough is Enough

If you're like me, the value of not having to work 24/7 is worth the feeling of not "doing it all".

My advice: Have fun with it, don't stay up late, get a dog, go for walks, and eat at delicious restaurants. Chase a happy life, not a productive one - maybe you'll get both.