Buying Your Dribbble Shots as Fridge Magnets

Dribbble API + a button maker machine


Shopping Page - Artwork by Mike Berg
Shopping Page - Artwork by Mike Berg


In 2016, Mike Berg, Joe Pintozzi, and I teamed up, bought a button maker and made an app that turned Dribbble shots into fridge-worthy magnets.

In 2019 we decided to shut down the app, but I created a demo-only version in React for practice and archival purposes.

How It Worked

Fridgeworth was originally a Rails app, and fairly simple...

Customers would come to us, authenticate with Dribbble, select 3 of their Shots, then check out using Stripe Checkout.

From there, we'd be notified of the purchase, then log into the admin portal to fulfill the order.

Fridgeworth Orders Management
Order management index
Fridgeworth Order Management Modal
Order management modal